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The inside story at Tassal Australia

WiseFish seafood software fully utilizes the power of standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV processes with minimum changes to NAV. This simplifies the upgrade process considerably.


Tassal is one of the world’s top seafood companies and is based in Tasmania, Australia. The company operates three main hatcheries that have the capacity to produce ten million smolt a year.

Four Marine Regions

Tassal has four marine regions, where the standard pen has a volume of 11,600 cubic meters and holds enough salmon to produce 80 tonnes once harvested.

Four Processing Sites

Tassal has four main processing operations that produce portions, fillets, smoked and a wide variety of value added ranges.

WiseFish and Tassal

WiseFish seafood software fully utilizes the power of standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV processes with minimum changes to NAV. This simplifies the upgrade process considerably.

WiseFish Tracking at all stages

For Tassal, tracking and traceability play an inherent role in the production. WisePeripherals is applied at every step of the way, throughout production to sales and transportation.

WisePeripherals is placed in strategic positions, connecting to scales and production systems on the shop floor, feeding live data to the WiseFish system. Handhelds in reception, production, export etc. are also connected.

The system can produce towards sales contracts or towards inventory and keeps track of fulfillment of contracts.

The process

All production is palletized and given SSCC labels. The WiseFish user has full control of handling the pallets, whether it’s changing, mixing or splitting them. Each Trade Item on a pallet is traceable, and with handheld devices it is possible to track the pallets, trace, mix, transport, load onto“trips”, containers etc.

Tassal WiseFish Triangel Sjømatløsning


WiseFish offers full traceability, back and forth. The pallets and Trade Items in WiseFish are natural extensions of the standard NAV inventory system. If the WiseFish user records all the necessary information, the system offers full traceability, from raw materials to final products.


The WiseAgreements contain all information vital for the fishing industry. NAV purchasing and sales documents are created from Agreements to prevent double data entry.

The Tassal incorporation was implemented almost entirely by way of remote connection. “Incorporating the software without having to travel all the way there saves both time and money for us, as well as for the client,“ says Jon Heidar Palsson, CSO of Wise

Gaining new insights

“It is vital that managers have a good overall view of all operations. WiseFish was recently updated, and that update coincides with the Microsoft update from NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,” said Jon Heidar Palsson.

“The new update includes the Microsoft Power BI analysis tool, easier access to Microsoft Outlook, easier reporting and software support for peripheral devices such as tablets. The WiseAnalyzer is essential with WiseFish This allows businesses to easily analyze and interpret data from Microsoft Dynamics BC” Jon Heidar added. 

“We all face having to examine our operating processes in light of available current technology. The majority of companies in Iceland’s fisheries sector are well on their way to completing the renewal of their fleets, infrastructure and software solutions. Resting on one’s laurels, deciding that things have always been done in a certain way and that this has always worked does nothing for expansion potential, improved utilization or improving product value.”

 “It’s one thing to embark on the digital change of a company and quite another what methodology is used, one factor that is absolutely crucial is that all changes need to be defined, they must fulfill all the values of the company and be implemented with the agreement of the management and the employees. An essential requirement for all changes is to know whether it is necessary to change and why,” he explained.

WISEFISH - ERP for sjømatindustrien

I denne guiden presenterer vi WiseFish – sjømatløsningen i Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Løsningen omfatter hele verdikjeden: fangst/oppdrett, kjøp/mottak, produksjon og salg/trading av sjømatprodukter.

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